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Weekly Totals: 64% Savings on a Forgetful Week

October 8, 2011

What a crazy week!  This was one of those weeks that started with not many plans and then suddenly I had errands and long to-do lists every day.  That’s why you haven’t seen many posts this week and this post is a day late from the typical schedule.  It’s been a fun week though, so it’s all good in the end.  🙂  I helped throw a baby shower for a friend and my sister made a trip home for a long weekend, so I’ve been running around all week getting things done for the shower and maximizing time with my sis.  I was a little scattered in my planning for the baby shower so I ended up inside Publix this week more times than I care to admit, ha!

Here’s what I bought…on the first trip:

The run-down:

  • 1 Newman’s Own pizza
  • 4 Garden Lites Souffles
  • 1 Cascadian Farms frozen organic spinach
  • 2 Publix sliced cheese
  • 1 Food for Life Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas
  • 1 Greenwise half-gallon of organic milk
  • 1 Stonyfield YoBaby organic yogurt 4-pack
  • 2 Stonyfield organic yogurt 32 oz
  • 4 Sundown Naturals vitamins (moneymaker)
Items not pictured:
This is what was purchased in my other Publix trips this week for baby shower supplies and general randomness.  The cost and savings are included in my totals below.
  • 2 Pillsbury brownie mixes
  • 1 lb Domino confectioners sugar
  • 1/2 lb organic Pecan halves from the bulk bins
  • .10 lb organic raisins from the bulk bins
  • 1 Single-serve Publix whole milk
  • 1 Publix half sub – brownie-baking/decorating fuel for myself!  😉
  • 4 Sundown Naturals vitamins (moneymaker)

Total before sales and coupons: $95.82

Total after sales and coupons: $34.83

Percentage saved: 64%

Tip of the week:

This isn’t a couponing tip, but it is a good rule of thumb for grocery shopping.  Even when you think you know what you have in your pantry, double-check before you head to the store in order to save yourself some time later.  I’m usually very consistent with this but trusted my memory a little too much this week.  I planned to make cherry pecan brownies with some decorative frosting (for the baby shower) and thought I had enough brownie mix, confectioners sugar (for the frosting) and nuts.  I was wrong on all three items and it cost me not one, but TWO extra trips to the grocery store this week.  I would have saved myself some time if I’d just double-checked my supplies before I made my first shopping trip.  Hopefully you’ll learn from my mistake.  😉

– Cilla


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